Want to Get your Gig Listed?

Don't Panic, as the great late Douglas Adams told us

Just two rules…

  1. Original bands only please – venues who put on mixed gigs are fine to add gigs with original artists (no tribute acts or cover bands please)
  2. Put on a good show! 🙂

This site does let you add new gigs – and it’s hopefully pretty simple.  You’ve got TWO options:

  1. Add them yourself!  Just click here to start the process – you’ll need to register/sign in first – it will ask you to do so. (see images below to help)
    1. once registered, you’ll be presented with a nice form to fill in with all your juicy gig / concert details – the more info the better… you can build links to where people can buy tickets, add an event / gig poster by uploading it, tell people about the venue, the bands / acts playing, and when / any other details.  I’ll then review it, fix any problems, and release it to the site.
  2. If you have gigs listed in Facebook as events from a main venue / promoter / band page, get in touch here, say hello, and let me know where your Facebook page is – I can then set this listing site to pull all the gigs out automatically (I still fix em up a bit).

add gig menu

1) Under the ‘gigs’ menu, click on the ‘add gig’ menu option

click register

Login if you’re already registered, or click register and enter your details.  You’ll get an e-mail with a temporary password. Login with that then you can change your password as you wish.  You’re now ready to add gigs!

Fill in the gigs form – more details the better!  Either pic from existing venues or enter name of a new one.  I’ll review and fix any issues / sort venue/promoter.  You’re done!