Just a one man band at the moment, with webmaster / punk / developer / WordPress guy Krispy Brown slowly putting it all together.

This site was created to a) help people find live music to go and enjoy, b) help venues, bands, and promoters list their music events for free to help give them free promotion.

For music lovers

Just use the search page here to find gigs by dates / venue / area of the country.  OR – look up in the menu bar (if you’re on desktop/laptop computer), you should see a magnifying glass top right.  Click that, and type in the name of a band you’re looking for, hit return and hey presto.

For Venues / Bands / Promoters

There’s two ways to list your music gigs – 1) sign-up and do it yourself (click here), or b) if you use a Facebook page with events, contact me here and let me know the Facebook page or the event url.  The site will do the rest – click here for more info.


Krispy Brown


I'm your host Krispy. Often found at gigs (especially Wonk Unit gigs!), and member of The Scary Clown Presents DIY Punk collective. Coder by day, drunk website dabbler by night.

scary clown presents

Scary Clowns Present...

DIY Punk Promoters

Krispy your host is part of the Peterborough/Stamford based DIY punk promotion team, The Scary Clown Presents.... We put on about 6 gigs a year, trying to bring the best local and UK / Overseas bands we can. Non-profit, door (and our own) money pays for bands and venue.